Trace - Get Premium

I've recently opened a Patreon, for those who wish to support Trace monthly, if not you can get premium for a one time purchase below:

Trace premium costs £3.29 GBP and will give you access to premium lists in Trace as well as the ability to customise Trace's UI.
Thanks to the support of premium users I've been able to upgrade the website hosting plan so it now runs on a faster webserver.
Trace Premium Purchase Options

Why are there 2 premium options?
I don't track you or inject ads or anything like that and so I give people more than one option to support Trace and try to give a good feature in return.
I purchased Trace premium - now what?
Please wait upto 24 hours - all codes are reviewed manually, you'll get an email once your code is active. If it has been more than 24 hours then please email me and I'll activate it as soon as I can.