Trace - FAQ

  • What is Trace?
    Trace is an extension for Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera and Firefox which protects you against online tracking. It can work very well for simple users but also has thead control which more technically minded users will like.

  • Where is Trace's privacy policy?
    Here it is. You can also find it in Trace.

  • Why should I buy premium?
    The premium blocklist has a lot more domains (15,000 vs 3,000), it's a one time purchase which also helps me with development because Trace takes a lot of time to work on due to the fact that I run the website, I do the research and I write the code for the extension.

  • Why should I trust Trace? What about my privacy?
    Trace only contacts the AbsoluteDouble server to download the blocklist, if enabled, Trace will also report errors in the code to the server as well. No other information is recorded, the full privacy policy is detailed under "Privacy" in the Trace options page.

  • What does Trace protect against?
    Trace protects against multiple tracking techniques, such as using special ping requests, canvas fingerprinting, user agent fingerprinting etc. This is the kind of stuff a regular ad block can protect against by blocking domains, but when one domain slips by and loads code into the browser, that's where Trace steps in to protect your identity.

  • Trace broke something, what do I do?
    Firstly, make sure that Trace actually broke it by loading the site in another browser. If Trace broke a site, report the site by clicking the Trace icon in your browser, I'll take a look and see if I can fix it. Alternatively, just whitelist the site.

  • YouTube is being weird with Trace enabled
    Try disabling Google Header Protection as that can cause some issues with search on YouTube. User-Agent spoofing can cause issues with the site displaying. If issues persist, try pausing Trace or whitelisting the site.

  • I reported a site. Now what?
    Hopefully I'll be able to take a look at the site within 48 hours. If it's not fixed by then please email me, the email can be found in the "Privacy" section of Trace.

  • How can I suggest a feature or report a bug?
    You can open an issue on Trace's GitHub page here. Alternatively you can email me.